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Rating: 3.5MAKidnapping

The Kidnapping 2: Afraid of the Dark
Woburn, MA

Are you scared of the dark? This kidnapping starts in complete darkness. And when the dim lights finally come on, you find yourself in a room covered in padded walls, Rorschach posters, and pill bottles. Time is ticking. Can you make it out before the captor comes back? PLEASE NOTE: In Kidnapping 2 players are blindfolded and the game begins in total darkness without any light sources. A portion of the room will be solved by using senses other than sight.

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Escape Room BermudaHM (BM)Rating: 2.8Spy

Neon Breach
[Escape Room Bermuda]
Hamilton, BM

You have been captured by the Mind Control Police. Escape their facility before your mind is reprogrammed!

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Escape Room BermudaHM (BM)TouristRating: 3.3

Tourist Trap
[Escape Room Bermuda]
Hamilton, BM

Something has gone wrong during your bus tour of Bermuda and now you are trapped. You have one hour to save yourselves and return to your cruise ship before it leaves without you and you are left in paradise.

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Rating: 4.0MEHoodwinkedCircus

The Circus
Mexico, ME

Enter the circus to uncover the mysteries it has to unfold and help the lost soul before it is too late.

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Rating: 4.5MAStained Hourglass EscapesMagic

The Boring Office
[Stained Hourglass Escapes]
Salem, MA

Nothing strange or mysterious could happen in this drab corporate grayscape. No ancient power, no portal to another realm, and certainly no fantastical creatures of any kind…right? Book your internship today and redefine ordinary.

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Rating: 3.8CTPuzzle TheoryNuclear

Critical Countdown
[Puzzle Theory]
Middletown, CT

You are agents of the counter terrorism unit known as the Phoenix Initiative. Your team has intel that the Crimson Shadow has infiltrated a decommissioned Russian base, code named Red Medusa. Our intelligence indicates that they are targeting the base’s remaining nuclear arsenal. Your mission is to secure the mainframe, regain control of the weapons system, and prevent a global catastrophe. The urgency cannot be overstated as we believe they are planning to launch a pre-emptive strike in the next hour.

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Rating: 3.8MACurious EscapesRetro

The 90s Video Store
[Curious Escapes]
Fitchburg, MA

Travel back in time to when movies were picked up from shelves, debated over for hours, new releases were explored, recommendations were a necessity, and movie marathons were had. Take the portal to 1999 into the Video Store, where the boss has been acting strange lately.

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Rating: 3.0NHMystery NHFishing

Fishy Business
[Mystery NH]
North Conway, NH

Save the date for the Bobber Buddies Fishing Derby in the Great North Woods. Register early! And don’t forget to pack the essentials.

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Rating: 3.5FLWill to EscapeCabin

Disappearance: Last Location
[Will to Escape]
Orlando, FL

It’s been a month since you’ve heard from your best friend Greg who went on that hunting trip with their Uncle Frank. Suddenly, your phone gets a ping of your friend Greg’s location. Following your GPS, you and your friends make it to Greg’s last known location…a cabin in the woods.

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Rating: 4.8FLThe BureauSci-Fi

UFO: Go for Launch
[The Bureau]
Orlando, FL

A UFO enthusiast claimed on her podcast to have been transmitting signals to extraterrestrial beings and seemed to have finally attracted one to her location. However, the alien craft got too close and crashed in her backyard, prompting a distress signal to be sent to the authorities.

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Rating: 3.3FLWill to EscapeChristmas

A Christmas Story
[Will to Escape]
Orlando, FL

Do you remember the first time you watched the movie ‘A Christmas Story?’ Is it a holiday classic in your family? Well, now you can add one more event to your holiday traditions!…The Christmas Story Escape Room at ​Will to Escape.

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Rating: 2.0FLDare 2 EscapeDiner

At the Hop Ice Cream Shoppe
[Dare 2 Escape]
Kissimmee, FL

You have just received some inside information from a very unexpected member of your own family that the At the Hop Ice Cream Shoppe might hold secrets worth digging into.

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Rating: 5.0FLDoldrick's Escape RoomAnimation

Crazy Train
[Doldrick’s Escape Room]
Kissimmee, FL

Climb aboard the Crazy Train! Race down the tracks and stop that nefarious evil-doer Skeemin’ Plotz before it’s too late! You never know what that sneaky trickster has up his sleeve, so be quick and be careful, heroes!

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Rating: 4.5FLThe Escape VenturesHorror

Neighborhood Watch
[The Escape Ventures]
Orlando, FL

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, at least that’s what the leader of Clearview Community’s Neighborhood Watch reassures their residents! With an invitation to the Watch leader’s home with promises of fun and games, it’s the perfect setting to keep young minds distracted as parents spend the night out searching for a missing neighborhood kid. Is this just another child running away from home or could it be the latest in the case of the Clearview Catcher?

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Rating: 4.5FLThe Escape VenturesHeist

Bros for Life
[The Escape Ventures]
Orlando, FL

Listen up, dudes and dudettes! It’s pledge season and you know what that means! Another totally rad way to get into our fraternity. This is our most epic challenge yet and the only way to prove you’re worthy enough of becoming a member of Es Ka Pi!

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ExpeditionRating: 5.0FLThe Escape Ventures

Operation Arctic Storm
[The Escape Ventures]
Orlando, FL

ATTENTION. THIS IS NOT A TEST. This is your direct-support Radio Operator reporting the formation of a severe Arctic Storm off the coast of Siberia. All stationed personnel should immediately seek shelter in a class four base or higher. Initiating safety-protocol 118. Commencing auto-lockdown.

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Rating: 5.0FLThe Exit GamesTattoo

Pins & Needles
[The Exit Games]
Clearwater, FL

Holy S#*t… you just secured an apprenticeship under one of the most acclaimed tattoo artists in the world: Paul Tompskins AKA Skinz. Now the question is – do you have what it takes to last? It seems like Skinz throws away more apprentices than the New York City Sanitation Department.

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Rating: 4.8FLThe Exit GamesMagic

Servants of Sleight
[The Exit Games]
Clearwater, FL

You’ve worked your whole life for this. Years of endless practice, mentorships, and performances. You’ve perfected your illusions and sleight of hand.

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Rating: 4.5MAThe Escape GameTime Travel

[The Escape Game]
Dedham, MA

Time travel just became a reality in this digitally-interactive escape room adventure. As part of the Time Crisis Management team, you’re tasked with addressing life-threatening issues, no matter what decade they happen in.

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Rating: 2.8MEBangor Escape RoomSherlock

Baker Street Mystery
[Bangor Escape Room]
Bangor, ME

Welcome to Sherlock Holmes’ office at 221B Baker Street. Sherlock has requested your assistance in finally taking down the notorious gang that has been causing trouble in London, the Baker Street Five. One of the gang members has turned on the others and has left you clues to take down the ring leader. You have 60 minutes to solve the case. Don’t let Sherlock down!

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Rating: 4.5MATrapology BostonWitch

The Witching Hour
[Trapology Boston]
Boston, MA

Embark on a thrilling adventure to free your dear friend, Jamie’s soul, from the grasp of a malevolent witch before it’s too late.

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