Tag: Rating: 5.0

The Galactic War
West Reading, PA

Spanning across the universe, a dangerous alien race, known as the Xarnai, has threatened the existence of all life. The Pax Infinitum has selected you as the most elite warriors for a vital mission. Extract the Xarnai Energy Core by infiltrating their Mothership unnoticed, cutting their communications, depleting their fuel resources and disarming their defenses. Complete your mission and you will have successfully saved mankind and beyond!

[The Escape Game]
King of Prussia, PA

Angelica has tricked the babies and hidden all of their bestest toys. But, oh, no! She unwittingly misplaced her beloved Cynthia doll, too! Join Tommy and the gang to track down their most favoritest toys and save playtime! Oh, and you better hurry because it’s a race against the snore. If Grandpa Lou wakes up from his nap and catches you outside the playpen, you’ll be scooped up and toyless – maybe forever!