Tag: Rating: 3.8

The Double-Cross
[Escape New Haven]
New Haven, CT

You and your crew of… let’s say “acquisitions specialists”… are still reeling from your last job-gone-wrong. A couple years ago, you teamed up with noted billionaire and collector, Lucius Roberts, to recover the legendary Ark of Atlantis. However, Lucius betrayed you and kept the Ark (along with all the riches inside of it) for himself! What he doesn’t know, though, is that you’ve kept the key to opening the Ark all these years. Now, you’re going to pull off the ultimate heist: sneak into Lucius’s estate, open the Ark, and escape with the treasure. Your person-on-the-inside got you in. It’s up to you to get out.

The Church
[Break Free 603]
Amherst, NH

On the Worcester Family property, somewhere behind the infamous haunted manor, rests an abandoned church. Once a place of humble worship, today, the church is taken by a psychopathic serial killer. You have been captured and knocked unconscious by this scortched soul. You wake up in a dark room with no doors. No escape. All you can do is wait for the psycho to come take your life. Hurry! You’re time is almost up. There MUST be a way out!