Tag: Christmas

Gimbel’s Revenge
[Bangor Escape Room]
Bangor, ME

Twas the night before Christmas, the busiest day of the year up at the North Pole. Gimbel the elf was called into Santa’s office and fired for being a cotton headed ninny muggins. Furious that he would be let go on such an important day, Gimbel has decided to strike back at the “fat man” (his words, not mine). Gimbel knows that Santa keeps the Naughty & Nice List somewhere in his bedroom. He plans to break in and steal the list so he can ruin Christmas for Santa and the rest of the crew. Gimbel has recruited you to help him. Find the list and escape before Santa returns!

North Pole Meltdown
[Escape the Pike]
Sturbridge, MA

I’ve got bad news: you didn’t make it into the Big Guy’s book this year! That’s right, you didn’t score a place on the nice list. That’s where I come in! My name is Burt and I’m a bit of a North Pole rebel. You see, I think that people who were so close to making it on the Nice List deserve a chance… and you’re in luck because I know where it’s stored!

That’s why I’ve brought you to Santa’s Workshop. If you can make it through the puzzles I’ve laid out, find the Nice List, and put your names on it, Santa will make a stop at your house Christmas Eve. You’ve only got one hour before Santa gets back from his test flight and catches you. Fail and it’s the Naughty List for sure! Good luck! Burt, out!