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Escape the Thai Prison
Philadelphia, PA

It was a really long flight, but you’re finally here. Your long-awaited vacation is about to begin. Sure, the security at Bangkok International is really tight, but it’ll all be over in a couple of minutes. Soon it’ll be nothing but warm beaches, jungle adventures, and eternal memories. Thailand awaits. That is, until the unexpected occurs. You’re picked up by airport security and taking to a lonely table with a single lamp light overhead. That’s when they start interrogating you. Wild accusations about. Then the kicker. They found heavy amounts of contraband in your luggage. But that can’t be right! You kick, scream and protest, but no one comes to your defense.

The Tomb
[Bates Motel Escape Rooms]
West Chester, PA

Archaeologist E. A. Budge discovered the hidden tomb of Ani, the high scribe under Ramses II. Legend has it that while exploring the ruins in the Valley of the Kings, Budge disappeared in 1888, and he was never seen again. Sir Budge became trapped and starved to death and his corpse remains to this day in the tomb. Your adventure stars here. The explorer’s’ knapsack has maps and tools that will help you solve the riddle of Ani’s treasure room, but beware of Anibus, the god of the underworld. Find the clues, open the secrete compartments, and solve the riddles and escape the fate of Sir Budge. This room follows historical facts and legends passed down for thousands of years, and is perfect for adventurers as well as students studying ancient Middle East history. Click here to buy tickets now.

The Dragon’s Chamber
[Concord Escape Room NH]
Concord, NH

The evil Wizard of Drachenkammer Castle has captured the last dragon of this world and has imprisoned her in the Dragon’s Chamber with strong spells and potions. The wizard spends his days using magic to create complex puzzles and riddles in order to protect his castle so nothing can break in….or break out.
One day the wizard did something that angered the dragon so much that even his magic could not protect him. The dragon killed the wizard and is now trying to escape. As a young wizard, now is your chance to prove yourself by breaking in and taking control of the dragon.