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Falderon Forest
[Sauve Qui Peut]
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

In the heart of the enchanted forest of the Kingdom of Falderon was a magical well. A well with magic so powerful that it alone was the source of the entire forest and its creatures. In order to produce all this magic, a ritual had to be completed every 100th full moon. Unfortunately, the gnome in charge of protecting this well and completing this ritual was nowhere to be found. If this ritual is not done in time, the magic will cease to exist in Falderon. The Queen therefore asked to assemble a team consisting of the 4 ancient powers: a Sorcerer and his magic wand, a Fortune Teller with his crystal ball, an Apothecary and his grimoire and finally a Knight with his heroic sword. Only with their logic and the union of their four powers can they find the well and complete the ritual before the full moon disappears!

Rain Corp.
Laval, QC

Rain Corp is a multinational conglomerate involved in all modern industries.
A leader in advanced robotics, Rain Corp is working “for a better future”.
The company has developed revolutionary new military applications at the request of the world’s greatest powers.
However, fearing that this might threaten international security, provisions aimed at countering Rain Corp have just been voted on in the NATO council.
However, the company itself seems to have lost control over its research.
Humanity may already no longer be in control of its future …

Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen
Laval, QC

The Admiral has given you direct orders to gather a crew to go in search of the Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen. Finding the right sailors might not be so easy as nobody has lived to tell about such an island or if it actually exists. If you find it, you shall seek and gather the knowledge to what is known as “eternal loneliness” from the Voodoo Queen; something the Admiral greatly seeks but for which you do not know the meaning of.

The Graverobber’s Dilemma
[Escape Room Herndon]
Herndon, VA

You and your crew of graverobbers have gone to the site of a recent burial to extract a large diamond that was left with the body. Once you get there though you see that the grave has already been looted and the thief left behind a box containing an address. You arrive at that address, and this is where your game begins. Can you find the body and steal back the diamond from this mysterious culprit, or will you get trapped inside the Graverobber’s Dilemma?

Nightmare Escapes 2022
[Break Free 603]
Amherst, NH

During the Halloween season, the incredibly popular Nightmare Escapes themed escape rooms take on an entirely new level of terror. The entire building is transformed into a single, massive, haunted house walkthrough escape game, complete with hidden rooms and crawlspaces, creepy hallways, darkness, strobelights, fog, smoke, foul stench, spooky actor/guides, and much more. It’s a 90-minute exploration of hell on earth! You’ve never experienced anything like Nightmare Escapes at Halloween. Question is, will you survive!