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The Double-Cross
[Escape New Haven]
New Haven, CT

You and your crew of… let’s say “acquisitions specialists”… are still reeling from your last job-gone-wrong. A couple years ago, you teamed up with noted billionaire and collector, Lucius Roberts, to recover the legendary Ark of Atlantis. However, Lucius betrayed you and kept the Ark (along with all the riches inside of it) for himself! What he doesn’t know, though, is that you’ve kept the key to opening the Ark all these years. Now, you’re going to pull off the ultimate heist: sneak into Lucius’s estate, open the Ark, and escape with the treasure. Your person-on-the-inside got you in. It’s up to you to get out.

Wigwam Escape
[Wigwam Escape]
Washington, CT

You and your group find yourselves in a Native American village in the woodlands of Quinnetukut (Connecticut). You’ve just received word from a neighboring fishing village of Metachiwon that they’re being affected by an illness and they’re asking for help. It’s up to you to figure out how to prepare for the long journey ahead. You only have one day to hunt, gather, and cook while exploring the village and surrounding forest.

Lost City
Trumball, CT

Your team of treasure hunters decide it’s time to finish Tucker’s quest. Armed with the latest technology, your research points you to the exact whereabouts of the lost journal which holds the secrets to finding the treasure. In your backpacks, you’ve brought all the materials essential for your adventure! You approach the temple confidently, but once inside angered spirits awaken and deem you unworthy of the riches held within.

Trumball, CT

The high-security section of the mansion is designed to keep people in, but if you don’t escape you know you run the risk of becoming part of a dangerous drug cartel and could face a life behind bars if caught. You soon realize there’s enough evidence to capture the drug lord once and for all