Tag: Rating: 3.3

The Da Vinci Heist
[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

You’ve been invited to an exclusive showing of the brand new Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit. The curator promises only the very best experience, showcasing the finest of Da Vinci’s work. However, things take an alarming turn when the security system is triggered and the building is placed in lockdown. Can you solve the mystery of one of the most elaborate art heists in history, and prove your innocence before the authorities arrive and you’re taken away in shackles?

The Clandestine Bar
[Sauve Qui Peut]
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

New York, Lower Manhattan… Authorities suspect illicit activities in one of the local bars. For several months now, several police officers have been trying to infiltrate it in the hope of trapping the person who seems to be at the head of this organization. Tonight is your chance. The Jazz band of the hour performed and attracted a lot of people, in short, the ideal distraction! Hurry up, before it slips through your fingers again.

The Golden Jubilee
Laval, QC

Dr. Woo has been found dead in his mansion in North Hampshire, leaving behind a legacy of exploration and treasures. The location of Dr.Woo’s most prized possession, “The Gold Jubilee”, the world’s largest diamond, has been made public as decreed in his will. Miners from all around the world have gathered to Gahcho Kuay hoping to find the Gold Jubilee. It will not be easy, as Dr. Woo has been known to enjoy a game or two and will surely test the minds of anyone making a run for his prized possession.