Tag: Rating: 3.3

Bandito’s Italian Bistro
[Bangor Escape Room]
Bangor, ME

You and your team were hired to rob one of the busiest restaurants in town: Bandito’s Italian Bistro. You were able to successfully get in, hold the employees at gunpoint, and clean them out. In your rush to escape with the cash, you dropped your weapon and were forced to leave it behind. You now have one hour to break back into the restaurant, find your gun, and escape before the cops arrive to collect the evidence and arrest you!

Dead Cabin
[Granite State Escape]
Manchester, NH

You took a risk hiking in these parts. Several missing persons have been reported. No remains, no tracks, no clues. But, you can’t help it. The woods have been calling for months, consuming your dreams and thoughts. Instinct takes you down a series of overgrown paths to an abandoned cabin deep in the brush. You feel a strange desire you can’t understand. A belonging you’ve always wanted. This strange cabin… THIS will be your new home.
After all, it’s always safer to stay indoors. Right?

The Tomb
[Brighton Asylum Escape]
Passaic, NJ

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a real life adventure like The Goonies or Indiana Jones? Look no further than our latest NJ Escape Room adventure “The Tomb”.

Imagine you and your friends, family, or coworkers are trapped inside an ancient forgotten tomb. You must work together as a team, exploring your surroundings and racing against the clock using logic, critical thinking, and your gut instincts to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden passage ways, and uncover hidden secrets that will ultimately lead to your escape!

[Brighton Asylum Escape]
Passaic, NJ

You and your group are ghost hunters, investigating claims of paranormal activity in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. However, after being inside for only a few moments you find yourselves trapped inside, unable to get out. With the clock ticking, you must race against the hour to find clues, uncover hidden passages, solve puzzles, and unlock the mysteries of 1408 that will lead to your eventual escape!

The Western Whistle
[Key to Escape]
Nashua, NH

You are about to complete your doctoral program under a forward-thinking professor. You and your team are invited along for a ride, back to 1880 with Dr. Odd. Upon arriving at The Western Whistle, a pioneering western saloon, Dr. Odd informs you of the true nature of the visit. Dr. Odd is testing your team to see if you are truly worthy of the program. Can you solve Dr. Odd’s puzzles in time to hitch a ride back to today?