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Critical Countdown
[Puzzle Theory]
Middletown, CT

You are agents of the counter terrorism unit known as the Phoenix Initiative. Your team has intel that the Crimson Shadow has infiltrated a decommissioned Russian base, code named Red Medusa. Our intelligence indicates that they are targeting the base’s remaining nuclear arsenal. Your mission is to secure the mainframe, regain control of the weapons system, and prevent a global catastrophe. The urgency cannot be overstated as we believe they are planning to launch a pre-emptive strike in the next hour.

The Wizard Realm
[Puzzle Theory]
South Windsor, CT

You have always wanted to join a wizarding school of magic. But real magic doesn’t exist, or does it? Dr. X has discovered a dimension where magic is taught! Complete with wands and robes alike! However, we have detected some very odd readings coming from a specific School of Magic. We need you to pose as a student and infiltrate the school. Don’t worry we will help you forge your acceptance letter!