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[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

One of our technicians has gone rogue, infecting themself with a virus making them Patient Zero. This person is now missing and dangerous. The government has threatened to take action if we cannot find the cure within the hour! Unfortunately, Patient Zero has made a mess of our research, making the task nearly impossible. Can you find Patient Zero and the cure before time runs out!

Room 172
[Exit 4]
Tom’s River, NJ

Checking in for a relaxing weekend at this secluded mountain hotel was super easy, but checking out could be murder. The hotel is haunted with the spirits who have met their grizzly ends here and they want you to join them… forever. This room is designed with mild horror elements and is not recommended for young children or adults who don’t like a good scare

The Cadaver Case
Montreal, QC

It has been one hundred years since the ghastly murder of Lord Fitzgerald Cadavera. After decades of being sealed shut, the office in which this crime was committed is finally open to the public . The bureau of investigation has officially declared it to be a cold case and has relinquished all clearance over the estate. We now welcome you to a tour of the fascinating study.