Tag: Rating: 3.0

Manchester, NH

The Willow Park Hotel is so haunted that many paranormal investigators even refuse to visit; however, you’ve decided its worth the challenge. Your goal upon entering the darkened secret elevator is to ascend to the 23rd Floor to find real proof that the Hotel is haunted. But be careful, you only have 30 minutes inside before you need to make your escape or you could be trapped in the Hellavator and spirit world FOREVER.

Art of the Heist
[Amaze Escape]
Arlington, MA

You are a group of professional thieves that have been hired by an international crime syndicate to recover a priceless suitcase. Intelligence has indicated the suitcase was confiscated by the police during a raid. The syndicate has created a diversion to give your team a 60 minute window to break into the locked down police station and recover the suitcase before the police return. Don’t get caught!

Gimbel’s Revenge
[Bangor Escape Room]
Bangor, ME

Twas the night before Christmas, the busiest day of the year up at the North Pole. Gimbel the elf was called into Santa’s office and fired for being a cotton headed ninny muggins. Furious that he would be let go on such an important day, Gimbel has decided to strike back at the “fat man” (his words, not mine). Gimbel knows that Santa keeps the Naughty & Nice List somewhere in his bedroom. He plans to break in and steal the list so he can ruin Christmas for Santa and the rest of the crew. Gimbel has recruited you to help him. Find the list and escape before Santa returns!

[Escape the Pike]
Sturbridge, MA

90’s Nostalgic game set in Chicago, 1999. You just so happen to be a computer genius. A Federal Task Force was created to combat a new threat. They have contacted you with a secret mission; code-named “Operation Lights Out.” They have received a tip that a foreign entity has activated a sleeper cell handled by a computer emporium owner-turned-hacktavist, anti-capitalist sympathizer. The team has been collecting sensitive computer technologies and writing source code to exploit Y2K protocols put in place to update and manage our national grid. You have been tasked with searching the computer emporium owner\’s office to help dismantle the team. Do you accept the mission? Will you uncover the players and stop them from shutting down the grid in time? Sneak into Jake’s Computer Emporium and become the secret agent that saves the year 2000!