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[Trap Door Escape Room]
Red Bank, NJ

Tibetan folklore mentions a wild man-like creature known as the “Mi-go” or “Mirka”. This creature is described as a hairy, ape-like beast that lives in remote mountain regions and is known for its strength and ferocity. Although the creature is not considered a deity in Tibetan culture, it is still thought to possess supernatural powers and is often associated with the idea of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. The Mi-go is often depicted as a fearsome creature that should be respected and avoided. In Tibetan folklore, the creature is sometimes considered a symbol of the untamed and mysterious wilderness, reflecting the beliefs and fears of Tibetan people about the unknown.

The Penitentiary
[Locked A]
Syracuse, NY

Cell block 4, where you reside right now is the end of the road for you. You were sentenced to life with no chance for parole for a crime you didn’t commit. And the warden.. well he knows you are innocent but doesn’t seem to care too much. You have one hour to escape your cell, and the prison with the evidence of you being framed or spend the rest of your life behind bars.