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[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

One of our technicians has gone rogue, infecting themself with a virus making them Patient Zero. This person is now missing and dangerous. The government has threatened to take action if we cannot find the cure within the hour! Unfortunately, Patient Zero has made a mess of our research, making the task nearly impossible. Can you find Patient Zero and the cure before time runs out!

The Da Vinci Heist
[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

You’ve been invited to an exclusive showing of the brand new Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit. The curator promises only the very best experience, showcasing the finest of Da Vinci’s work. However, things take an alarming turn when the security system is triggered and the building is placed in lockdown. Can you solve the mystery of one of the most elaborate art heists in history, and prove your innocence before the authorities arrive and you’re taken away in shackles?

Project Mars
[Granite State Escape]
Manchester, NH

Join the Galactic Space Enterprises in our mission to better humanity!
Using our patented mining technology, GSE has built a state-of-the-art facility on Mars. We are incredibly close to collecting enough raw material to solve the energy crisis on Earth! But, we need more employees to join our award-winning research team and make this vision a reality.

Be a part of the solution on Mars, Earth depends on it.

The Church
[Break Free 603]
Amherst, NH

On the Worcester Family property, somewhere behind the infamous haunted manor, rests an abandoned church. Once a place of humble worship, today, the church is taken by a psychopathic serial killer. You have been captured and knocked unconscious by this scortched soul. You wake up in a dark room with no doors. No escape. All you can do is wait for the psycho to come take your life. Hurry! You’re time is almost up. There MUST be a way out!