Tag: Museum

The Da Vinci Heist
[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

You’ve been invited to an exclusive showing of the brand new Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit. The curator promises only the very best experience, showcasing the finest of Da Vinci’s work. However, things take an alarming turn when the security system is triggered and the building is placed in lockdown. Can you solve the mystery of one of the most elaborate art heists in history, and prove your innocence before the authorities arrive and you’re taken away in shackles?

The Paradox
Mystic, CT

Far in the future, scientists have developed the technology for time travel. The government uses this to shape the future of the human race. But as with all government secrets, there are traitors and spies vying to gain the upper hand.

As an agent for the Trans-American Paradox Prevention Unit, it is your job to intervene when things get messy.

And with time travel, things ALWAYS get messy….

Museum Heist
[Lara’s Labyrinth]
East Haven, CT

Players take on the role of security guards who have interrupted an obnoxious cat burglar in the process of stealing “The Sultans Lock” from the Kuddelmuddel Museum of Marginal Curiosities. The burglar has stashed the Lock somewhere in the museum, and then tripped the alarm with the players inside, framing them for the theft. You have 60 minutes to find the prized item within an exhibit of historic puzzles and codes … then get it placed back into its high security gated display area before the authorities arrive!

Museum Mayhem
Stamford, CT

The Stamford Museum is set to open tonight with a Grand Gala Event. This will be an extremely important milestone for both the museum and the city of Stamford. Unfortunately, last night vandals broke in and completely trashed the galleries. Luckily, they didn’t steal anything, but everything’s a mess. The Museum’s curator hired you to help with this serious situation. Can you find all of the artifacts and put them in the right place to have the Museum ready for the Gala?