Tag: Rating: 2.3

Mountaintop Murders
[The Great Escape Room]
Burlington, VT

Your Nana was always a bit estranged from the family, but you tried your best to stay connected to her. I mean after all, she’s quite old, and she shouldn’t have to spend her days in solitude. You do really worry about her, but she insists that she’s fine in her mountain cabin by herself. It was always an hourly phone call that was your little bonding time, but nearly a month has passed since your last contact with her.

Agent Z.E.N
[Lock & Clue]
Pawtucket, RI

Your mentor Agent Z.E.N. has disappeared while working on a high level mission. You and your fellow new recruits must use the skills he taught you to find the flash drive holding the top secret data before it falls into the wrong hands. If you’re skilled enough, you might even have time to finish solving some other cases ZEN was working on and really prove you’re worth as a secret agent!