Tag: Mystery

Mountaintop Murders
[The Great Escape Room]
Burlington, VT

Your Nana was always a bit estranged from the family, but you tried your best to stay connected to her. I mean after all, she’s quite old, and she shouldn’t have to spend her days in solitude. You do really worry about her, but she insists that she’s fine in her mountain cabin by herself. It was always an hourly phone call that was your little bonding time, but nearly a month has passed since your last contact with her.

The Gold Digger
[Pursue the Clues]
Torrington, CT

5 husbands dead, 5 life insurance policies cashed in, and not a single person convicted. Now that gold digger is moving on to number 6, and it’s about time someone got to the bottom of this mess before it’s too late. You’re going in undercover as a cleaning crew; she requested a one-hour service. Find me proof that Goldie is a money-hungry, murderous jezebel, and maybe save a man’s life in the process.

Curtain Call
Mystic, CT

It’s one hour to “places” at La Rouge Mystére. Belle, the cabaret’s leading lady, is no where to be found. Everyone is worried because strange things have been going on backstage and accidents have been frequent. Her disappearance may be the latest tragedy.
It is up to you, her fellow cast members, to find poor Belle and help her take the stage before the curtain call! Unless, of course, one of you are responsible for her disappearance…