Tag: Rating: 2.5

Escape Jack the Ripper
Philadelphia, PA

Perhaps the greatest feat of mental strength which human beings possess is our ability to overcome our fears. To achieve focus while being courageous is easier said than done. Are you brave enough for this game?

Revenge of the Serial Killer places you captive in the warehouse of a notorious serial killer known as “The Cipher” , where you will have to face your fears, while working together, to escape his terror and madness. Experienced escape players and novices alike will delight in the terror and fun of this macabre challenge. Inspired by the Saw films, and filled with references to infamous real life serial killers.. you will feel like you’ve been dropped right into the middle of a horror movie.

[Nightmare Escapes]
Amherst, NH

You managed to escape the curse that plagues Emily and Sarah’s house. However, as you flee one door another opens and you find yourself lured back inside by the familiar sound of music. But now you are in some serious trouble. The gates of hell have opened up wide and it is sucking you in. Can you free yourself from the demon’s grip,, or will you become forever… TRAPPED!