Tag: Exit 4

Room 172
[Exit 4]
Tom’s River, NJ

Checking in for a relaxing weekend at this secluded mountain hotel was super easy, but checking out could be murder. The hotel is haunted with the spirits who have met their grizzly ends here and they want you to join them… forever. This room is designed with mild horror elements and is not recommended for young children or adults who don’t like a good scare

Wiseguy Lounge
[Exit 4]
Collinswood, NJ

It’s 1979 and you’re part of the infamous crew that robbed JFK airport of over 5 million dollars. The architect of the plan has been making anyone associated with the robbery ‘disappear’ and you have one hour to break into his restaurant and find your cut of the money and get out before he returns to make you ‘disappear’ as well.