Tag: Horror

The Forgotten Cathedral
Laval, QC

In the heart of Escaparium Laval’s massive complex nestles a mysterious monument classified as a World Heritage Site, forgotten for several centuries: an ancient cathedral. Escaparium was built around this characterful building that once served as a sanctuary for a now extinct cult. Archaeological excavations and restoration of the monument have been underway for several years now. This allowed us to make major discoveries on the history of the cathedral and on a certain cult that we name, “The Order”. Artifacts of rituals dating back centuries have been found and are currently being investigated. Come take the guided tour through the myths and legends of a forgotten past. A trip which you will never forget. (this is an escape game)!

The Graverobber’s Dilemma
[Escape Room Herndon]
Herndon, VA

You and your crew of graverobbers have gone to the site of a recent burial to extract a large diamond that was left with the body. Once you get there though you see that the grave has already been looted and the thief left behind a box containing an address. You arrive at that address, and this is where your game begins. Can you find the body and steal back the diamond from this mysterious culprit, or will you get trapped inside the Graverobber’s Dilemma?

The Church
[Break Free 603]
Amherst, NH

On the Worcester Family property, somewhere behind the infamous haunted manor, rests an abandoned church. Once a place of humble worship, today, the church is taken by a psychopathic serial killer. You have been captured and knocked unconscious by this scortched soul. You wake up in a dark room with no doors. No escape. All you can do is wait for the psycho to come take your life. Hurry! You’re time is almost up. There MUST be a way out!

Nightmare Escapes 2022
[Break Free 603]
Amherst, NH

During the Halloween season, the incredibly popular Nightmare Escapes themed escape rooms take on an entirely new level of terror. The entire building is transformed into a single, massive, haunted house walkthrough escape game, complete with hidden rooms and crawlspaces, creepy hallways, darkness, strobelights, fog, smoke, foul stench, spooky actor/guides, and much more. It’s a 90-minute exploration of hell on earth! You’ve never experienced anything like Nightmare Escapes at Halloween. Question is, will you survive!

The Body Shop
[Red Fox Escapes]
Boston, MA

For years there have been rumors of a shadow girl scout troop operating in the Boston and Cambridge area. Over the last week, you’ve been earning your Automotive Engineering badges in the local auto body shop. Little did you know that the auto garage is owned by the high council of this shadow troop, and they have been covertly watching you.