Tag: Heist

The Da Vinci Heist
[Break Free 603]
Nashua, NH

You’ve been invited to an exclusive showing of the brand new Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit. The curator promises only the very best experience, showcasing the finest of Da Vinci’s work. However, things take an alarming turn when the security system is triggered and the building is placed in lockdown. Can you solve the mystery of one of the most elaborate art heists in history, and prove your innocence before the authorities arrive and you’re taken away in shackles?

Bandito’s Italian Bistro
[Bangor Escape Room]
Bangor, ME

You and your team were hired to rob one of the busiest restaurants in town: Bandito’s Italian Bistro. You were able to successfully get in, hold the employees at gunpoint, and clean them out. In your rush to escape with the cash, you dropped your weapon and were forced to leave it behind. You now have one hour to break back into the restaurant, find your gun, and escape before the cops arrive to collect the evidence and arrest you!

Art of the Heist
[Amaze Escape]
Arlington, MA

You are a group of professional thieves that have been hired by an international crime syndicate to recover a priceless suitcase. Intelligence has indicated the suitcase was confiscated by the police during a raid. The syndicate has created a diversion to give your team a 60 minute window to break into the locked down police station and recover the suitcase before the police return. Don’t get caught!

Museum Heist
[Lara’s Labyrinth]
East Haven, CT

Players take on the role of security guards who have interrupted an obnoxious cat burglar in the process of stealing “The Sultans Lock” from the Kuddelmuddel Museum of Marginal Curiosities. The burglar has stashed the Lock somewhere in the museum, and then tripped the alarm with the players inside, framing them for the theft. You have 60 minutes to find the prized item within an exhibit of historic puzzles and codes … then get it placed back into its high security gated display area before the authorities arrive!