Tag: Military

Operation: Gambit
Wallingford, CT

You and your team of CIA operatives are stationed at a safe house in Seychelles, Africa. For years, intelligence agencies have been trying to identify a shadowy figure known only as Maître D’échecs, or “The Chess Master”, who is rumored to be a shady arms dealer posing as an importer/exporter. Your mission: locate and remove the thumb drive, then escape before the Seychelles SWAT team arrives.

[Escape the Pike]
Sturbridge, MA

You remember him talking about a secret bunker. He said to go there if things got bad. Would there be relief and sustenance there? Protection from dangers? It has become necessary to find out. You manage your way to Podunk and have just found the entrance. What lies behind the door? Will it help you thrive? You must enter in and find out.