Tag: Rating: 1.5

Trumball, CT

The high-security section of the mansion is designed to keep people in, but if you don’t escape you know you run the risk of becoming part of a dangerous drug cartel and could face a life behind bars if caught. You soon realize there’s enough evidence to capture the drug lord once and for all

Museum Mayhem
Stamford, CT

The Stamford Museum is set to open tonight with a Grand Gala Event. This will be an extremely important milestone for both the museum and the city of Stamford. Unfortunately, last night vandals broke in and completely trashed the galleries. Luckily, they didn’t steal anything, but everything’s a mess. The Museum’s curator hired you to help with this serious situation. Can you find all of the artifacts and put them in the right place to have the Museum ready for the Gala?

Manchester, NH

You’re driving home from the country late at night and you run out of gas. Noticing you have no cell phone service, you head on foot to a nearby town in search of help. You come across a small diner. When you pass through it’s doors, it’s clear that something isn’t quite right. Can you make it out of the diner and back home before you’re lost forever?