Tag: Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Philadelphia, PA

Late For This Important Date​
It was just another magical day in the Wonderland. You fell down the rabbit hole into the adventure of a lifetime, and have met many wonderful new friends along the way. Even the Queen was friendly enough to extend an invitation to her Annual Royal Tea Party.

Everything was going smoothly, until you lost her invite. Now you’ve gone and missed all the festivities, and The Queen is furious. Maybe the White Rabbit forgot to deliver it? Maybe the Cheshire Cat, up to his old tricks, stole it while you weren’t looking? Whatever the case may be, excuses wont be enough to stop the Queen’s anger. It looks like it’s gonna be off with your head!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
[Trap Door Escape]
Bartonsville, PA

You’ve been sent to the Red Heart Mental Institution to be observed in an experimental Tea Party used for Group Therapy. The Mad Hatter, a well behaved patient who serves as the host, has prepared a menu of utter chaos and ridiculous insanity. Make sense of nonsense and blow out the candles to celebrate yet another Un-Birthday and maybe you can return to sanity in this Wonderland Escape Room experience.