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CompanyLara's Labyrinth
Game NameThe DaVinci Challenge
LocationHadley, MA
Time Left7:10

Description: Florence is crawling with young minds, desperate to study with the master of art and science, Leonardo Da Vinci. You’ve traveled so far to learn what Master Da Vinci can teach you, and now, you are steps away from your dream. As you make your way to the steps of the workshop, however, your heart stops. Leonardo has a test for you, a room designed by the master himself. Do you have what it takes to go up against Da Vinci’s dizzying intellect? Or will you be one of those who fades into the margins of history?

Da Vinci’s Challenge is a Historic Adventure set in the late 15th century, at the height of Leonardo Da Vinci’s professional life and fame. You, and your friends, have come to Florence wishing to become Da Vinci’s new students. You will have 60 minutes to solve your way out of a room designed to test your logic and ingenuity. Prove yourself and take your place at Leonardo Da Vinci’s side!