3.0 / 5.0

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CompanyTrapt Escape Rooms
Game NameThe Cracked Hull
LocationRockport, ME
Time Left5:28

Description: There was a robbery at a bank in Rockport and the bandits made off by sea with the contents of the vault, including money and priceless jewels. The ship’s hull hit a metal pipe ripping it open and causing it to sink quickly. The entire crew was lost trying to salvage their stolen loot as the vessel dropped quickly to the ocean floor. One of the crew was said to have created a map detailing their route of escape. Can you locate it so you can find the site of the wreckage?

You and your experienced team of divers need to find the map that will lead you to the wreckage before others get there and recover the loot ahead of you. Can you find the treasure before your air runs out or will the authorities or another group be more savvy and find it first.