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CompanyThe Other Tales
Game NameAmazing Adventure Society
LocationHawthorne, NJ
Time Left8:01

Description: The Amazing Adventure Society was founded in the early 1900’s. The list of members is impressive and keeps growing; it includes travelers to the center of the earth, first hot air balloonists, and even astronauts. Some of the members also investigate the legends of the world. Did Lemuria ever exist? What about the Fountain of Youth? Or El Dorado? The founders of the society, Clara Ridley and Ed Harding, were among those chasing the legends.

Clara Ridley was an explorer, a writer and a linguist. Her early explorations were supported by the Royal Geographical Society and by her journal publications. From a young age she believed she could find the long lost civilization and studied old legends.

Clara’s partner in exploration was Ed Harding, a captain, a friend, and Clara’s secret love. Ed loved danger, adventure and Clara. He was ready to follow Clara to the end of the world. At the same time he also dreamed that at least some of the legends will lead to a great treasure.