3.8 / 5.0

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CompanyEscape at the Shore
Game NameHellevator
LocationNorthfield, NJ
Time Left6:18

Description: Two weeks before you and your friends make that fateful trip to Europe with Barry, you decide to visit Barry at his apartment to go over plans for the Euro-vacation. Upon approaching the building, you notice your surroundings are eerily quiet. A lone crumpled newspaper blowing like a tumbleweed in the wind passes your group by as you enter the dilapidated apartment building. You hear screaming in the distance, but this is a bad neighborhood, and you are not about to go investigate. Barry lives on the top floor of the 20-story building, and nobody is even remotely contemplating taking the stairs.

The elevator looks like it is straight out of a horror flick. Graffiti and rust adorn its walls paying homage to the century in which it was constructed. Your group jokingly comments “We might not make it to the top, dammit Barry!” Little did you know, that was the least of your worries.