2.3 / 5.0

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CompanyCNY Escape Rooms
Game NameDracula's Apartment
LocationSyracuse, NY
Time Left14:46

Description: This week long ago in 1476, Dracula was finally slayed after years of terrorizing Transylvania, but the legend grows on. You have always been fascinated by the occult and know that on the anniversary of Dracula’s demise and only on a blue moon can he be arisen once again. As fate would have it, that is coming up this Saturday, and you have No intention of battling Dracula or an army of the un-dead.

You have grown up in Central New York all your life, but lately something is off with the aura of the city you love. Lately, you can’t shake the feeling that on this anniversary of Dracula’s expiration, your fellow college student just isn’t right.

You can’t shake the feeling, and it’s crazy, you know, but Lazarus isn’t just some quirky med-student, he’s a real live vampire, holed away in obscurity in Syracuse, NY.

It’s not just the distaste for garlic, or his pale complexion, or even his peculiar fascination with blood that disturbs you. It’s something that speaks to you from your core.

As luck, would have it, Lazarus has invited you over for dinner on Friday night and you have decided that you’re going over there to prove your hunch right and eliminate Dracula once and for all.