3.0 / 5.0

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CompanyBates Motel Escape Rooms
Game NameCountdown
LocationWest Chester, PA
Time Left1:12

Description: You are members of Navy SEAL Team 3, and will be inserted into an old diesel electric submarine that has been refitted by the CIA for covert missions. The crew has mysteriously disappeared and it is up to your team fire up the engines and complete your mission. This ship is armed with a special anti-ballistic missile system that can shoot down enemy ICBMs that are targeting the United States mainland. Military Intelligence has discovered that North Korea is planning an imminent, preemptive attack on the US and spy sat video shows that their missiles are being fueled. Your mission is to enter the command and control rooms, start the engines and make way to your launch coordinates, then take out the NK missiles. All systems have been shut down and must be re-activated. Should you encounter any enemy ships or subs, you will have to engage or evade to complete the mission. ComSubPac will issue warnings and forward launch codes during this mission so pay close attention to the Emergency Action Messages (EAM). Teamwork and communications is the key.