2.8 / 5.0

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CompanyAmazing Escape Room
Game NameThe Submarine Ship
LocationKing of Prussia, PA
Time Left5:58

Description: While visiting an old stationary Submarine, now converted into a museum, your relaxing day of sightseeing is abruptly interrupted when you notice the Submarine begin to sink! Ordinarily, a sinking Submarine isn’t an issue but this is no ordinary circumstance. You now find yourself in a life and death situation on an old boat that has been inactive for many decades.

As fate would have it, the sinking boat is not your only problem! An old foe The Great Octopus is hell-bent on dragging you down! Your mission is to break into the con engine room, override the system, and shock the octopus before the Submarine’s old nemesis pulls you and all others aboard the historic boat into the great abyss! Do you have what it takes to escape or will you succumb to The Great Octopus, and never been seen again?