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CompanyPuzzle Theory
Game NameWarehouse 13
LocationSouth Windsor, CT
Time Left5:01

Description: Cast away from his friends, family, and everyone else in modern society, Dr. McCurdy remained hidden from the outside world. He hadn’t been seen or heard from in many many years, most presumed he was dead somewhere, and no one would find him. Dr. McCurdy was a seemingly nice individual, laying under the radar. He graduated from medical school with high honors, at the top of his class. He followed the typical path after he finished school, taking up residency at a local hospital. That is when everything changed. He grew quiet, and distant from his colleagues. He was very interested in gaining a role in the surgery department, and was always denied, but never stopped trying. Things began to take a turn for the worst. The upper management called Dr. McCurdy into a meeting, after a certain pattern was noticed. Most, if not all patients that he had seen had suddenly died, with no discernible cause of death.

Mysterious markings were always found on the corpses, and yet, no one could ever find a direct cause of this. Dr. McCurdy was promptly fired, and this is when he vanished from society. Some believe he started kidnapping individuals, and started to perform his experiments on them. People were disappearing from the local town, and never seen again.

You are to go in, undercover, to see what lies in the mysterious Warehouse 13, where it is believed Dr. McCurdy has set up his shop. Be careful, as he may have booby trapped the place, in order to hide his experiments. Your job is to get in, collect intel of what is inside, and report back to us in one hour. We don’t know what lies ahead, but it is up to you to save our town!!