Tag: Speakeasy

The Clandestine Bar
[Sauve Qui Peut]
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

New York, Lower Manhattan… Authorities suspect illicit activities in one of the local bars. For several months now, several police officers have been trying to infiltrate it in the hope of trapping the person who seems to be at the head of this organization. Tonight is your chance. The Jazz band of the hour performed and attracted a lot of people, in short, the ideal distraction! Hurry up, before it slips through your fingers again.

Wiseguy Lounge
[Exit 4]
Collinswood, NJ

It’s 1979 and you’re part of the infamous crew that robbed JFK airport of over 5 million dollars. The architect of the plan has been making anyone associated with the robbery ‘disappear’ and you have one hour to break into his restaurant and find your cut of the money and get out before he returns to make you ‘disappear’ as well.

Lucky Duck Speakeasy
[Escape LG]
Lake George, NY

It is 1925 and Prohibition is in full swing. You have been leading the crackdown on illegal sales and other nefarious activities. The evidence you need to identify the kingpin of this criminal organization is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy. A bomb has been set to destroy the building and its secrets.You have 60 minutes until all the evidence is blows to bits.