3.5 / 5.0

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CompanyTeam Vs. Time
Game NameGangster's Gamble
LocationBerlin, CT
Time Left9:10

Description: Travel back to a decade past, when crime bosses rule the city streets with an iron fist, while the U.S. government takes secret measures to get rid of the mafia for good.

You and your outfit are undercover operatives who have been implanted in the Ferretti family for four long years—but now the gangster leadership is beginning to smell rats in their organization. And you know what they do to rats…

You need to find major evidence against the gangsters before they sniff you out. You suspect that there are all sorts of secrets stashed in the Don’s office, and tonight may be your last chance to get at them. You’ll have only one hour to find the evidence and get out of there before anyone comes back.

Though what you thought was your chance could be a rattrap…