3.0 / 5.0

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CompanyTeam Vs. Time
Game NameLost Book of Spells
LocationBerlin, CT
Time Left28:18

Description: You may have finally found it—the haven of Rosalind LeFay, a powerful witch, who is said to have in her possession the best-kept secret in magical history, the Lost Book of Spells.

You have been on the trail of the mysterious spell book for almost a decade and it all comes down to this… Now can you find the Book and get away before she returns?

Search the lair—which harbors dark secrets and terrible magic—and try to escape with the Book of Spells and your lives. Should you fail to find the clues before Rosalind LeFay returns… well, the sorceress had to get her human skulls from somewhere.

Either way, you’ll find this witchcraft-themed experience quite enchanting…