4.5 / 5.0

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CompanyDare 2 Escape
Game NameThe Seventh Room
LocationKissimmee, FL
Time Left1:08

Description: You have been unpacking for a week now as you continue to explore every nook and cranny in your new six-room house. You now understand why the locals were so weary of this house and always avoided it. There are however still some areas you have yet to fully search. One day as you were putting your groceries in the pantry for the first time, you notice a small crease in the wall. You put your hand up to the wall and realize it is actually an indentation. You grab your box cutter that you were just using and poke it right through the gaudy wallpaper that you wanted to replace anyway. You pull the blade across the wall. You hit a hard beam. You turn the blade downward and slice vertically to the floor. As you make the final cut through the wallpaper, the wall opens up and a doorway appears. Before you lies a small six-foot hallway with a door at the end of it. You walk six feet down the hallway to the door and grab the handle. It’s locked. You are glad because you’ve seen enough horror movies to know that you really didn’t want to know what was behind that door. With a sigh of relief, you turn around and walk back towards the kitchen. You take three steps forward, when an icy-cold wind blows right through you, taking the breath out of you. You stop in your tracks. You hear a loud creaking sound behind you. You turn around. The door is open. Again, you’ve seen enough horror movies to know that you shouldn’t so anywhere near that door. But, just as you – the Hardings – were called to this house, you are being called to this doorway. You physically can’t help it. You feel yourself being pulled to the doorway. You find yourself peering down into a dimly-lit basement. Again, you have seen enough horror movies to know that you don’t want to go down those stairs. But, yet again, you are physically pulled by some force down the stairs. The next thing you know you are standing on the cold concrete floor, staring up at the bright light emanating from the only way into and out of the basement. You feel the icy-cold wind again. The door slams shut and locks. The lights go out. You now find yourself trapped in the Seventh Room.