4.8 / 5.0

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CompanyEscape Room Concord NH
Game NameThe Sanctuary
LocationConcord, NH
Time Left2:18

Description: The story of “The Sanctuary of Life” has been passed down through the ages as a mystical place that was created by a group of monks from different religious orders. It is believed that the monks protected secrets and riches, as well as the greatest treasure of all….life.

It is still unclear when evil fell upon the monks, but blood was shed and life was lost.

The Sanctuary was desecrated.

The Sanctuary was cursed.

Your great aunt died on her expedition into the Sanctuary so many years ago. Some believed it was due to the curse….certainly, your great uncle did. You recently found a clue that has led you on your own expedition into the Sanctuary.

You don’t know what to expect or what you are even looking for. You are the first to arrive since your great aunt.

Will there be answers to your questions inside?

Nobody else has survived. Will You?

Your only hope is that you are able to Escape the Sanctuary….Alive!