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CompanyEscape Room Concord NH
Game NameThe Lion's Den
LocationConcord, NH
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Description: Your great uncle Ollie was a fascinating man who was a master of puzzles, codes and riddles. He loved telling you about his travels and teaching you about the history of our country. Of all the stories, he was most passionate about The Order of the Lions.

The Founding Fathers of America were an important part of our history, but little is known about a secret society which made it all possible. The Order of the Lions was formed by a group of people who were influential in our country’s birth. This society developed such wealth and power that they were considered the true leaders of America. You remember your great uncle’s fascinating stories about the Order of the Lions and their secret treasury.

Your great uncle Ollie has recently died and he left you a clue that was hidden in his Library.

Dear child, do you remember my stories of the Order of the Lions? If you are reading this message, then I must no longer be alive, but it is important for you to know – That I WAS a member of the Order!

I have been protecting the society’s historical artifacts and treasure for decades in a secret room in my home – called The Lion’s Den. The members of the society are greedy and power hungry and will stop at nothing to gain full control. Our family has been responsible for guarding the treasury since the beginning. That responsibility is now yours.

You MUST search through my belongings and make sense of our family tree. I have spent the last year traveling the country hiding many of the artifacts and it is important that you know my EXACT route! Only then, will you have what you need to gain access to the society’s treasury so you can prove yourself and continue on in the society.

P.S. The Lion’s Den is a peaceful place to ponder, but once an attempt is made to discover the treasury, the room will self-destruct in an hour’s time.